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20 Reasons Blogger


20 Reasons Blogger Should Be Used To Blog For Fun


Blogging for fun using Blogger is a great way to share your blog posts. There are many benefits of using Blogger. Let’s look at a number of them.


Why use Blogger if Blogging for Fun?


  • Free platform – Blogger is a free platform and it is a great option for beginning bloggers.
  • Easy to use – Blogger is a blogging platform which is easy to use and navigate.
  • Free templates – Next, Blogger offers a variety of free templates to choose from for your blog.
  • Unlimited posts – With Blogger, you can write as many posts as you like. There are no limits – write a small number, or even a larger number of posts.
  • Unlimited blogs – One of the nice options Blogger offers is the ability to create as many blogs as you desire on different topics. Also, you can also add different themes to different blogs you create.
  • Google search – Additionally, posts created in Blogger can be easily indexed in the Google search engines. If one of your primary goals in blogging is to reach a wider audience, this is a quick and easy option with Blogger.
  • Private blogs – Blogger also allows the option to make your blog private. Then, you can provide access to only those people you desire to see your blog.
  • Free hosting – Since Blogger is a free platform, there is no need to pay extra hosting fees to put your blog online.
  • Custom domains – Next, custom domains are an option with Blogger if you choose the option for a small fee.
  • Allows photos – Bloggers allows photos to be added to blog posts. You can also quickly change the size of the photo with a few clicks.


20 Reasons Blogger Offers Great Benefits ~ Part Two


  • Easily modified – As your experience as a blogger grows, you can easily modify the basics of your blog theme, add widgets, and more.
  • Dashboard – Blogger offers a dashboard for bloggers. It includes posting options, page options, traffic statistics, and more.
  • Google AdSense – Blogger allows bloggers to add Google AdSense. Plus, this allows Google to place small ads on your blog, if you choose to monetize your site in the future.
  • Blog settings – Next, you can easily change basic blog settings in the dashboard.
  • Add additional authors – Blogger allows you to add additional authors to your blog.
  • Transfer ownership – If you would like to transfer “ownership” of your blog, the option is available.
  • Google+ – For bloggers with a Google+ account, Blogger auto publishs your blog posts to your Google+ account.
  • Create & link profile – More so, Blogger allows you to create and link your personal profile. The profile will show on each page and blog created on site.
  • Comments – With Blogger, you have the option to allow comments, disallow comments, and moderate comments.
  • Social share – For bloggers, who allow readers to share socially, there are a nice selection of options offered.


Sample Blogs Using Free Blogger Platform


Would you like to see some sample blogs on Blogger? Each uses a different layout theme for you to see. Recently, I have been working to add more content to them as I have time. Below are some free blogs I post to on Blogger.

Simple Girl Scout Fun ~ Blogger

Moms Working From The Home ~ Blogger

How To Home School Tips ~ Blogger

Helpful Tips For Writing ~ Blogger

Helpful Tips For Home Sweet Home ~ Blogger



Reasons to Use Blogger To Blog For Fun


So, which of the “20 reasons Blogger should be used” do you consider most important to blog for fun? It is a great free blog platform to try and learn to use. My favorite reasons to use Blogger include the option to create multiple blogs for free, seeing statistics in the dashboard of how many people have visited, and the auto post function for Google+. For others, they may enjoy the ease of using the platform, or the ability to add other authors to the blog.

Let me know your favorite reasons for using Blogger! I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below!

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