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Are you starting a new blog? But, the idea has your head spinning? Make a commitment to finding your blogging passion!

Blogging Dreams

Starting a blogging website is a dream shared by many. There is nothing like sharing your visions with the world. And in the process, there is a desire to sustain yourself financially. Or a desire to be successful in the process.

Blogging Passion High End

But starting a blog is not the endpoint. Your blogging passion needs to be at the high end. This will help you to stay committed to your blogging services.

Loss of Motivation

Many bloggers, at some point, lose motivation. This occurs for different reasons. Some are due to a lack of ideas. Others become bored with the design. Some become overwhelmed. These feelings drain their blogging passion down to the minimum.

Rekindle Blogging Passions

When you experience lack of interest in blogging, I assure you that it is not the end of the road. You can rekindle your blogging passion. There is an option to refocus and recharge the fire within you.

Make a Commitment

Make a commitment to finding your blogging passion. And, if you know what it is, commit to following through. At this point, you do not need to be fainthearted but instead, hold firm.

Use These Simple Tips

You may be a starter or a blogger who has lost his blogging passion. And, you have opened this page because you want to light your candle once more.

Do these following simple projects. I assure you that your passion for blogging will bounce back in no time.

Finding Your Blogging Passion: Thinking Time

First, get your writing materials, a jotter, and a pen to be precise. Now you have some thinking to do. Think about the motives why you started blogging initially.

Did you start because you like sharing your thoughts with the world? What topics are you passionate about? Which areas of life can you talk to your friends ongoing?

Be sincere to yourself and write down as many reasons why you started as possible. This will help you understand the “why” of your desire to write.

What do you Love?

Second, think about the things you love doing. Maybe, you enjoy camping and the great outdoors. Or, perhaps you enjoy spending hours online reading. Areas of reading include self-development, bodybuilding, or health information. Maybe, you love fitness.

Create your list of things you love to do. Take at least thirty minutes or so to develop your list. And, remember not to limit your creative thinking. The heart of the project is to pin point things you really enjoy and love.

As a busy mom, what are those things you enjoy doing? You have the jotter and pen. However long your mind tells you the things you love doing, whether you are doing them now or not, just put it down. This will help you know what your overall passion will be like.

After finding the things you love doing, narrow the list down at this point to things you can do effortlessly that no matter the amount of time you spend on them you would not notice that you have not eaten all those while.

Identify Barriers to Blogging

Next, why did you stop blogging or writing? Were you overwhelmed at the time? Do you lack confidence in the process of writing? Maybe, you were unsure what to do next. Write down any barriers to the process you can. Identify any possible barriers, even if you did not experience them.

Now, when you’re done, the remaining on the list will help focus your blogging to a more specific niche and increase your blogging passion since those things are what you love doing and as well you would love to write about it.

Set Your Personal Blogging Goals

Lastly, set a goal for yourself, write down in your Jotter how fast and how far you want to go in your blogging journey. Once your goals are set and you are determined to achieve them, your blogging passion is restored.

When you follow these steps and make time for your blogging goals, be rest assured that you will find your blogging passion will start growing at this point. And grow further as you continually follow the tips and stay committed.

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