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Are you having difficulties deciding on what to write next for your audience due to a lack of ideas? Consider these 120 outstanding blog post ideas!

Yeah, I know how maddening that can be. But hey! There is good news, just cheer up and smile, because I have come up with evergreen blog post ideas, to keep your blog hyperactive.

Keep these ideas handy because you will need them anytime you are running out of ideas in the future.

You can choose your ideas from the various sections discussed in this article. The sections include:

  • Views on Thoughtful Blog Posts
  • Thoughts on Education (teaching ideas) Blog Posts
  • Ideas on Living/Lifestyle Blog Posts
  • Suggestions on Fun and Crazy Blog Posts
  • Ideas on Controversial Posts
  • Concepts on Blog Posts For Promotion

The questions asked in each section are bound to provoke topic ideas for your next blog post. Can we get started already?

Ideas on Thoughtful Blog Posts

  1. What made you pick up interest in your niche?

Ask yourself that encounter that convinced you that your niche is the right thing to do now and discuss it.


  1. What challenges did you encounter while starting initially?

Those difficult situations that made you want to give up on your dreams, believe me, others want to know.


  1. What are the resources that help you grow in your journey?

There must be books, websites, offers that you want to share the impacts they have made on your growth.


  1. What are those likely issues your audience may encounter?

Give a solution to the problems your target audience is expected to face even before they get there.


  1. What is the secret to your creativity?

People want to know what makes you stand out, go ahead, and share the ideas.


  1. How can your services and products help people?

The services and products you offer have means of helping people live better life every day, let them know-how.


  1. How many changes have you undergone since you started your journey?

There must have been a transformation in the process when you started initially, and now, talk about it.


  1. How helpful are resource posts?

Create resource posts that are important to your niche


  1. How has blogging helped your business to improve?

If, in any way, blogging has positively effected your business, consider sharing the thought.


  1. How many tools or applications have you used in the past to smoother your workflow?

Your audience wants to know those helping tools that have helped you in the past. Make a list.


  1. Where do you get information to keep up to date?

List blogs or websites.


  1. Where did you get assistance from previously?

When you needed assistance, where did you hire your assistant from?


  1. Where do you intend to take your services in the future?

Share the futuristic state of your services and how to achieve it.


  1. Where did you meet the influencer that granted you an interview?

Talk about where you met that famous influencer that you were able to interview and why you think you were able to meet him there.


  1. Where can your audience get answers to their private questions?

Compile helpful forums where questions are answered on various topics.


  1. Who are you?

Why not discuss yourself in detail.


  1. Who are you looking up to?

Talk on your role model, why you made the decision.


  1. Who would you wish to meet in the future?

Mention the person and the reason you wish so.


  1. Who would you like to discuss his achievements?

Someone who had achieved a lot that you know about is worth sharing.


  1. Who have you seen as a failure due to a particular mistake?

Some people’s mistakes are worth talking about, so others can learn.


Ideas On Education (Teaching Ideas) Blog Posts


  1. What are those step by step process you can teach your audience?

Take your audience through a gradual method to achieve an aim.


  1. What are those frequent questions your inbox receives?

List the questions and provide the answers.


  1. What topics are you interested in learning?

Share the topics, learn about them, and discuss your discoveries.


  1. What are those books you found educative?

Recommend great books you believe can educate your audience.


  1. What ways can your audience gain knowledge?

Discuss the ways through which your audience can gain knowledge on the topic of their choice.


  1. How problematic or easy is it for someone to start up in your field?

Let people who desire to be like you know what they wish for.


  1. How much energy does it require to keep up with the competition?

Talk about the hard work that kept you on the game.


  1. How far can you go to get informed?

Educate your audience on the importance of information.


  1. How much quality can your product guarantee?

Describe the features of your products that show the level of superiority it possesses.


  1. How high do you aspire to go within the month or year?

Detail your aspirations for the month-end or the year.


  1. Where do you think it is a stable ground to start on your niche?

Tell your audience where they can safely start from in a niche you know more about.


  1. Where have you missed it on your journey since you started?

Teach others the mistakes you have made and how to avoid them.


  1. Where have you been to and failed?

Educate others on your encounters and failures.


  1. Where have you gotten the most helpful information on your field?

Let your readers know where the information you have on your field comes from.


  1. Where have you desired to take your business?

Give your audience the ideas of your expansion proposal.


  1. Who cannot engage in your field?

Which qualities should an individual lack that will make him not fit in the field?


  1. Who would you recommend your products for?

Let your audience be aware of the set of people a particular product is suitable for.


  1. Who invented a technique you are using that is successful?

Talk on the person who is behind your favorite technique or method. The


  1. Who do you think is better at something?

Educate your audience on who you think is better at an activity you are interested in.


  1. Who are those rising talents you feel should be watched out for in their fields?

Share some notes on individuals who are fast rising in their various industries, let others anticipate their achievements with you.


Ideas On Living/Lifestyle Blog Posts


  1. What are your plans for the weekend?

The things of interest you kept for your weekends can help someone improve his lifestyle.


  1. What are your hobbies?

Write about those things you love doing at leisure.


  1. What fitness routine do you undertake?

Engage your audience with your routine for fitness, letting them know the importance.


  1. What is your favorite meal?

Let your audience know the food that goes best for you and why.


  1. What daily activities make you feel fulfilled?

Those activities that make your day worthwhile should be shared.


  1. How do you prefer makeup?

Share your routine for making up for various events.


  1. How do you unwind after the day’s stress?

The things you do that makes you feel relaxed is a topic for discussion.


  1. How do you prefer to cook your meals?

Talk about your routine for cooking meals, how it works for you.


  1. How do you avoid overspending each day?

Write about how you can save more money for yourself.


  1. How do you save time daily for other activities?

Apart from the job and mandatory daily activities, how can you save time for yourself for leisure.


  1. Where do you get your favorite meal?

Let your audience know that restaurant that best serves your favorite meal.


  1. Where are you planning to hang out the next weekend?

That location you want to hang out next is worth discussing.


  1. Where have you traveled for your holidays in the past?

Discuss where you spent your precious holidays and your experiences.


  1. Where do you go to fitness training?

The gym that you visit for your fitness, how comfortable you feel there is a topic.


  1. Where do you get those exciting books you can’t keep down?

Which bookshop offers you your favorite series, write on it.


  1. Who is your favorite actor?

Which actor can make you hit the cinema, they can more than one, discuss all.


  1. Who is your favorite author?

Which authors write those books you can’t keep down.


  1. Who do you love spending your quality time with?

It could be family or friends, you know better and the reasons.  


  1. Who gave you the best birthday gift ever?

Talk about your best birthday gift and who gave it to you.


  1. Who made you develop an interest in football?

You love football now, who convinced you and how did it happen.


Ideas On Fun and Crazy Blog Posts


  1. What funny event did you witness recently?

Tell the story of that incident you considered funny.


  1. What are those challenges your audience can involve in and provide feedback?

Give your audience a book to read and come for discussion.


  1. What unique names can you call your pet?

List the names that you believe most suit pets.


  1. What video games did you experience recently?

Describe that awesome video game you played lately.


  1. What adventure can you take your audience on?

Provide a fun holiday plan for your audience.


  1. How can you spend a fun-filled day without getting stressed by work?

Create a plan that will relieve the day’s stress making it more fun.


  1. How do you love using your free time?

Your free time is better when it is fun, write on the things you do.


  1. How was fun your last travel?

Tell your audience what made your travel less annoying.


  1. How do you decide what to eat each day?

A decision can be fun, especially when you are left with many enticing options.


  1. How are you coping with crazy friends?

Those friends that always have something crazy to do or say, how do you live with them.


  1. Where will you be partying this weekend?

Talk about your party schedule and how fun you expect it to be.


  1. Where did your last birthday celebration take place?

Discuss your last birthday event, where it took place.


  1. Where have you traveled to?

Make a list of those places you have visited in the past.


  1. Where did your business idea originate?

Sometimes ideas come in the most crazy places, discuss your own.


  1. Where do you wish your work will take you to?

Make a wish list of those adventures you wish your job would take you to.


  1. Who made your growing up tough?

Talk about that bully that decided you will not have peace while growing up.


  1. Who do you party with?

Discuss that kind of people that will always make party epic.


  1. Who did you trick into something crazy in the past?

If you have tricked your fellow worker in the past into some crazy risky office adventure, time to discuss it.


  1. Who visited your last holiday that you can not forget easily?

A younger cousin may have visited and set your house on fire, who knows? Tell us.


  1. Who can his absence be the reason for your dullness?

Some people are just meant for us to be happy, have you discovered one? Talk about it.


Ideas On Controversial Blog Posts


  1. What social events have two sides that you can defend one?

Choose one side of an event people are concerned about and defend.


  1. What are those myths that are considered facts, you know?

Talk about how true or false a myth is.


  1. What are those things you believe are more of frustration than help?

Discuss those frustrating encounters you have had when you least expected.


  1. What political ideology do you have?

Talk on your political beliefs and takes defensively.


  1. What arguments can you stir up?

Write on topics that will bring up two sides for your audience to choose between.


  1. How is your business affected by illegal activities?

Let people know the illegal activities and how they affect your business.


  1. How comfortable are you with someone’s opinion on a topic?

React to the person’s opinion.


  1. How best can you predict a future event?

Say the outcome of an anticipated event and know who stands with you.


  1. How wonderful is the government of the day performing?

Discuss if the government has achieved more or less than expected.


  1. How much do you dislike a service you got recently?

If you have ordered something online only to get disappointed on arrival, talk about it.


  1. Where do you think is better between the two cities of your choice?

Discuss two cities and say which is better than the other and why.


  1. Where will you live if you have your means?

Discuss the part of the world you wish to live if you have everything figured out.


  1. Where do you feel it is better to locate your state capital?

If you feel your state capital is better off somewhere else, discuss it.


  1. Where do you suggest an event should take place?

Take the world cup event, for instance, and discuss a location that best suits it in the future.


  1. Where does your passion lie within your industry?

Tell us that aspect of your industry you are most passionate about.


  1. Who do you feel is underperforming in his capacity?

The president of your country is underperforming in office, talk about it.


  1. Who do you wish to write an open letter to?

Just go ahead and write the open letter.


  1. Who do you prefer between two parties?

Two parties offering the same services defend your favorite.


  1. Who do you feel will triumph in a competition?

Predict who is more likely to succeed in a competitive event.


  1. Who will you assist in the next election?

Make a choice of candidate for the state or presidential election.


Ideas On Blog Posts For Promotion


  1. What gives your products an edge?

Describe those features that make your products stand out.


  1. What achievements have your company made?

List the achievements of your company.


  1. What is the history of your company?

State how you started and got to where you are now.


  1. What charities are you sporting?

Describe the ways you give back to society.


  1. What do you guarantee your customers?

Let your customers know what you are promising for patronizing you.


  1. How is your company growing?

Give updates on your company’s growth.


  1. How have you modified your products?

Discuss the aspects of the new upgrade affected.


  1. How can your audience best use your products?

Share tips on usage.


  1. How do people rate your products?

Share your ratings review.


  1. How to return products if unsatisfactory?

Share your return policy How.


  1. Where can your company be found?

Share your physical locations.


  1. Where can your goods be found?

Discuss your service outlet locations.


  1. Where are you expecting to be in the future?

Talk about your future expectations.


  1. Where do you want to cover soon?

State the locations you are about to reach out to also.


  1. Where can your customers make complaints about your products?

Share your help and support address.


  1. Who do you employ in your company?

Discuss the qualifications of people working with you.


  1. Who has attested to your company?

Talk about prominent people that stand for your company.


  1. Who gave you a license for approval?

Discuss the licenses you have obtained for operation.


  1. Who has tested and confirmed your products?

Talk to other customers who are satisfied with your products.  


  1. Who has mentioned you in their posts?

Share links to posts you have been mentioned in.

Outstanding Blog Post Ideas?

Do you know of other outstanding blog post ideas? We would love to hear your blog post ideas – please leave your suggestions below!

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