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ten benefits of using tumblr


Ten Benefits Of Using Tumblr To Blog For Fun


When it comes to blogging for fun, Tumblr is another option for new bloggers. There are ten benefits of using Tumblr as compared to Blogger or the free WordPress platform.


Let’s Look at the Ten Benefits of using Tumblr


Free platform – Tumblr is a free platform and is offers another option to beginning bloggers to blog about various topics.
Social network – Tumblr is a free blog platform with social networking built in.
Ease of use – Tumblr is easy to use and set up. Create an account, choose a theme, and create your page. Then, you can begin creating posts.
Interaction – Tumblr like many other blogs, allows for interactions between bloggers.
Images & videos – Members can add images to post and videos on Tumblr.

Ten Benefits of using Tumblr Continued


No updating needed – Using Tumblr as a free blogging platform eliminates the need to update any software components.
Dashboard – This free blogging platform offers a dashboard for users. It is simple and easy to use. Add your social media accounts to your blog, too.
Young demographics – Most users of Tumblr are in their twenties. So, if you are in this demographic, this can be a plus for you when it comes to networking with others.
Shorter posts – Creating posts on Tumblr are best in shorter posts. Longer posts do not do as well on the blog platform.
The potential for growth – Tumblr holds the potential for growth when it comes to blogging. It is rising in the ranks as a free blog platform to use.


Great Free Platform to Try ~ Tumblr


Do you know others who use Tumblr to share with the world? Or, are you totally new to Tumblr? Either way, it is a great platform to try out for free if you are a beginner blogger.

Which benefits draw your attention the most when reviewing the benefits of using Tumblr? Do you like the option of no updating needed, or the younger generation using the platform? Or, are you looking to create short blog posts and desire the possibility of growth over time?

Take it for a test drive along with trying out and Blogger. Be patient in setting them up and adding content posts to them. Then, if you find you prefer one over the other, feel free to delete the other accounts. Or, save them to possibly use for later. Many beginning bloggers come to enjoy blogging to the point of moving from “blogging for fun” to “blogging for business.”

Please let me know your thoughts and comments! I would love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by Blogging For Busy Moms!

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