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Twelve Key Benefits of Using Free WordPress To Blog For Fun


Using free WordPress to blog for fun has many advantages. For the new blogger, it is a great platform to start with in learning to blog. In this article, I will address twelve key benefits of using Free WordPress to blog for fun.


Twelve Key Benefits of Using


    • Free blogs – Users of the free WordPress platform can create a blog for free. And, they can also add as many additional blogs as they desire.
    • Free WordPress domain – When using this free blog platform for fun, there is no need to pay for a domain. A WordPress domain is included with each blog created.
    • Choose themes – On the free WordPress blogging platform, there are plenty of free (and paid) themes to try out.
    • Users – The number of users for the blogging platform is over one-fourth. In other words, over 25% of bloggers use the free platform to share with the world.
    • Google – WordPress sites are loved by the Google search engines. And, WordPress makes it easy for your blogs to be seen by Google.
    • Community – offers a community to answer questions if the need arise, and to share content with.



Benefits of Using ~ Part Two


    • Easy to Use – The free WordPress platform is easy to use.
    • More professional – In my opinion, sites look more professional than Blogger sites. They are both easy to use and create blogs on.
    • Plug-ins – For bloggers using the WordPress free platform, there is no concerns about plugins. In addition, the platform is created in such a way to make it less stressful for the user. If you desire to use plugins in the future, you can upgrade your account to a paid account to add additional features.
    • Dashboard – provides a nice dashboard which gives you information regarding the number of views each article has, where your traffic is coming from, so forth.
    • Monetize – This free WordPress platform allows you to monetize. And, there are more options offered with a paid account, but there are options available to the free accounts.
    • Add a domain – Each free account comes with a WordPress domain, but you are presented with the option to add your own personalized domain if you wish.



Which Key Benefit of Using Free WordPress Sounds Good to You?


If you are new to blogging, which key benefit stands out to you the most? Are you interested in created a few different blogs? Or, do you like not having to worry about what plugins are and how to use them? Or, maybe you are looking for a free platform that is easy to use.

Here is one blog platform I have created using I created this blog in the past and did not add posts to it for nearly four years, yet in that time I gained over 12,000 views on this blog. This truly amazed me and I am preparing to add more content to the site soon. The current articles are fairly short and soon I will be adding more length to the content.

Girl Scout Fun ~ Free WordPress Blog

Do you have questions about I would love to hear from you and help you in any way I possibly can! So, leave me a comment below!

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